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On these pages you will find up to date information about COVID-19, and all we are doing to insure the health and safety of the students and staff at Paul VI!

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COVID-19 vaccine


Share this video! It REALLY highlights WHY we need to follow the rules!

Why is a STILL mask is SO important?

EVERYONE at PAUL VI wears a face covering (mask) at all times.

Did you know🤔:

  1. Wearing a mask reduces the risk of COVID-19 transmittal to 6%! YES, 6%! Here is the study published in the Lancet.                                             

  2. Wearing a mask keeps you from touching your face…That is how this virus gets in your body, through your mucous membranes.                                         

  3. Asthma is NOT worsened by wearing a mask. The key is to make sure that your asthma is under control. Keep taking your medications as prescribed. If you have breathing issues that cause you to use your quick relief inhaler more than twice a week, you should check in with your doctor.

The Science of Soap👇🏼

Soap molecule "tails" bust open the COVID-19 viruses and destroy them!

What IS an exposure to COVID-19?

Remember...wearing a facemask that covers your nose and mouth

reduces the risk of transmission to about 6%!

  Casually passing by someone in the hallway who has COVID-19

DOES NOT constitute an exposure to COVID-19

Why do we have to practice

 social distancing?

Below is a short video that shows you how this virus easily spreads when we don't distance from each other. Remember, people with COVID-19 and no symptoms are JUST AS CONTAGIOUS as people with symptoms:



APRIL 1st is the start date for

  • baseball

  • golf

  • lacrosse

  • softball

  • spring track and field

  • boys tennis

Beginning MONDAY MARCH 22nd, check the lists posted on Ms. Camardo's door.

If you think your name should be on a try-out list and it isn't, please see Mrs. Walter (the nurse).

Gratitude Resources

Apps for your phone:

These apps offer to help you work on a gratitude practice.  Each have their own methods for helping us stay connected to gratitude, increase feelings of thankfulness, connection, and calm, and decrease anxiety and depression


Day One - Your Journal for Life

gratitude happiness logo.png

Gratitude Happiness Journal

grateful a gratitude journal.jpg

Grateful: A Gratitude Journal


thanks book one.jpg

This is a perfect book to both convince you of how amazingly helpful it is to practice gratitude AND give you all the necessary tools and tips on how to start that practice!

good morning I love you.jpg

This book addresses the science behind gratitude work and why it may be difficult for us -- specifically, how we talk negatively to ourselves and how to change that. 


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