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This page will be updated daily to bring you the most current information about COVID-19 as well as tips, resources and links to help you and your families navigate this pandemic.

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ALLERGY AND ASTHMA NETWORK has specific resources for those with allergies and asthma. Click on the logo for more information 👆🏼


Juvenile Diabetes Resource Foundation has specific information and resources for those with Type 1 Diabetes. Click on the logo for more information 👆🏼

Why do we have to practice

 social distancing?

Below is a short video that shows you how this virus easily spreads when we don't distance from each other. Remember, people with COVID-19 and no symptoms are JUST AS CONTAGIOUS as people with symptoms:

Gratitude Resources

Apps for your phone:

These apps offer to help you work on a gratitude practice.  Each have their own methods for helping us stay connected to gratitude, increase feelings of thankfulness, connection, and calm, and decrease anxiety and depression


Day One - Your Journal for Life

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Gratitude Happiness Journal

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Grateful: A Gratitude Journal


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This is a perfect book to both convince you of how amazingly helpful it is to practice gratitude AND give you all the necessary tools and tips on how to start that practice!

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This book addresses the science behind gratitude work and why it may be difficult for us -- specifically, how we talk negatively to ourselves and how to change that. 

A great video from the UK. 

Say the "Our Father" while you're washing your hands...that takes just about 20 seconds 🙏🙏 

1. Think of wearing a face covering as an act of kindness. Remember, people can have Covid-19 and NOT have symptoms but still pass it on through respiratory droplets.

2. A face covering reminds you not to touch your eyes, nose and mouth...this is how the virus gets in to your body.

3. A face covering is ADDED protection when social distancing gets difficult: grocery store, standing in line, public transportation.

4. A face covering DOES NOT take the place of social distancing or hand washing. Before you remove your mask, be sure to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer if hand washing is unavailable.

easy no-sew face covering👇🏼

“We have realized that we are on the same boat, all of us fragile and disoriented, but at the same time important and needed, all of us called to row together, each of us in need of comforting the other. On this boat… are all of us. Just like those disciples, who spoke anxiously with one voice, saying “We are perishing” (v. 38), so we too have realized that we cannot go on thinking of ourselves, but only together can we do this.” Pope Francis


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